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    Filling In The Gaps
    Brian taking photo of bride at weddingWhen we go to weddings of those we know, and we're not the main photographer, we still bring a camera along anyways. People have debated this one to death and we understand both sides. Yes, the photographer should not have to feel like you're getting in the way or ruining their photos. You also should avoid taking photos while the main photographer is shooting the formals; as this could cause people to look at your camera instead of theirs. But that also doesn't mean it's wrong of you to try and provide some coverage of the couple's big day. After all, it's not something that can be reshot and so if the photographer misses a photo then that's an opportunity for you to bless the bride and groom with something they wouldn't of had otherwise.

    Case and point we went to a good friend's wedding last year and brought along some equipment. We were careful not to get in the way and only shot a couple hundred shots (not a lot for us) but Brian still ended up getting chewed out that he was stepping on the main photographer's gig. Fast forward almost a year now: because of the run in with the photographer, being busy with other paying clients and getting ready for baby Jonah, we hadn't messed with the pictures. We figured the other photographer had probably gotten the vast majority of the same shots except for some times when the photographer was gone during the dancing. We sent the pictures off to the bride and received a reply back to the extent of 'these are the pictures I was missing from my wedding' and how she'd only received around 300 pictures and only a few were actually edited. Needless to say we were both frustrated for her about the photographer and also ecstatic that our photos had really blessed her! So the moral of the story is, if you're a professional photographer attending a wedding, be sure to bring your camera. A lot of people get weird about this subject, but the other photographer could miss the shot for a variety of reasons (including a picture limit) and you have a real chance to bless the bride & groom :)
    How To Pick A Wedding Photographer
    Photo of couple kissing in wedding dress If you do a quick search on Google, you'll see many guides on how to pick a wedding photographer. Read as many as you want, there are some great tips out there! To be honest, we often look back on what we would've liked better for our own wedding. Now that we are wedding photographers, with a focus on giving our clients the best experience we can, it seemed only appropriate to give our input on this matter.

    We are huge Dave Ramsey fans in case you didn't realize it already. We believe that starting off a marriage with a huge pile of debt from the wedding is a REALLY bad way to start off a marriage. So the first step is figuring out how much you realistically have to spend.

    Of that amount, figure out how much you wish to devote to photography. Depending on who you go by, you'll see figures of between 10 and 20 percent for the amount you should spend on the photographer. While this isn't a bad starting place, it misses two key things. First, you need to determine your priorities. What's most important to you on your big day? Is getting the photographer you want more important than getting the venue, caterer or the honeymoon you want? Can you sacrifice a little on X to get Y? What is most important? What is second most important? Third...? You get the point. Having an order will help when the inevitable budget crunch comes and will give you a better idea of what the percentage should be.

    The second part to keep in mind is in cases where that 10-20% range is not reasonable. If your budget is very limited, and you only have a few hundred for photography based on this percentage, you should not expect to receive a professional photographer. An option could be finding a student that has just started getting into photography. It's unreasonable, however, to expect them to get every key moment and to not make any mistakes. After all, the reason their rate is so low is because YOU are their guinea pigs. I'm not saying there aren't cases where this is your only option, but you do need to be fair to the photographer and give them a break because let's face it - you got what you paid for.

    One other thought on this is the idea of having a friend or family member take the pictures. For as many pages on how to pick a wedding photographer, there's just about as many pages on people asking about having a family member or friend take the pictures. If you look at a few of these you'll start to see a theme. In most cases, professional photographers will object to doing this. It's not just because they want your business - it's because they realize how crazy weddings are and having that "friend" or family member's pictures not measure up to what you imagined is a great way to hurt that relationship. We're in the middle on this issue; as we've shot both friends and families weddings and can sympathize with each position. The key thing here is being informed. It may be a friend or family member taking your pictures, but if you do decide to go this route clear communication as well as a contract is a good place to start so that there's no confusion on what's being offered. Something else to keep in mind as well is the possibility that the work done will be of lower importance when it comes time to edit (versus their paying clients). With this in mind, it would also be smart to discuss a clear timeline on turn around.

    Portfolio & References
    Now that you have a price range, you won't waste time on photographers that are above your budget. The next step is to look at photographer's portfolios and to ask friends for references. Think about what style of photography you want. Do you prefer posed studio-style or more candid photo journalistic style? Maybe a mixture? Do you want your pictures heavily photoshopped or are you fine with a more natural look? Once you've looked at several photographers, narrow it down to the top few. Ask to see a copy of an entire wedding so you get an idea of what both their best and overall work is like. If you plan to make larger size prints, be sure to look at it on a large screen; as blurry or noisy images may look "ok" at smaller sizes but you will definitely notice it in the larger prints. Make sure to see at least one wedding shot inside because it's much easier to take photos with a large amount of available light.

    You may not know much about photography, or the equipment involved, but that doesn't mean you still shouldn't ask for a list of the gear they use. A simple Google search will give you an idea of just how much the equipment they're shooting with costs. It's fair to say that the price you pay should easily be several times less than the cost of the equipment they are shooting with. In this list, look for a backup camera and multiple lenses. Shooting a wedding without a backup camera and lenses is a disaster waiting to happen! Having multiple photographers is a good idea as well so that if one shooter misses the shot the other one still gets it. Also, look for at least one flash in the list. Wedding venues are always extremely dark, and while digital cameras have allowed much higher sensitivities than film, a flash is still an indispensable part of a photographers kit. You may see some photographers that prefer not to use flash and this is perfectly fine but they should still own a flash in case conditions require it.

    Some people could care less about the personality of a photographer, but we feel it's still important to cover this topic. Your wedding is a huge event in your life where you'll be inviting family and some of your closest friends. While taking great photos is the most important thing in choosing a photographer, having one with a bad attitude can really cast a cloud over your big day. Make sure you mesh well with them since you're going to be spending your entire wedding day with them. You may even wind up becoming friends with them!

    If you think you've made your decision on a photographer, check their availability. This is also a good time to ask them questions regarding just how much time you will have with the photographer. Most photographers have a limit on how many hours or how many pictures they'll take at a wedding. Be sure you know about this in advance. Check to see if they will also be at the rehearsal or not; as this is beneficial to avoid surprises on the wedding day. It's also a good idea to ask them what their backup plan is in case they get sick and are unable to shoot your wedding.

    What's Best for You
    We always encourage our clients to do their research and look into multiple photographers. You'll feel better knowing you got the best photographer you can afford! We want what's best for our clients, and in some cases that means having them go with someone else. We recognize that there are better photographers out there that have been shooting for longer than we have, but we feel that in our price range (and for what we offer) you'll be hard pressed to find someone better than us! If you're interested in setting up a free consultation contact us now.
    Your Pictures Are Important To Us!
    cracked DVD disc When was the last time you backed up your pictures? That's what I thought. While most people have good intentions about backing up what's valuable to them, often times life happens… and then "life" happens. Whether that be a hard drive failing, fire, flood or theft. We're all guilty of not backing up which is why Leighty Photography is now offering 5 years of photo backup FREE with all wedding packages and two years for photo sessions.

    Most photographers provide their clients with their pictures on DVD. In a few cases they offer something like a memory vault, but in both cases the media is in one spot and thus susceptible to loss by a fire, flood or theft. In addition, DVDs are susceptible to bit rot. This is why most photographers contracts (ours included) contain a limitation of liability for the failure of the disc medium because we can't guarantee how long the disc will last.

    When we first started out we were merely providing our customers with a DVD. We saw a need for a better option and while we still offer DVDs as an optional extra, we believe our new deliverable is better in a number of ways.

    #1 - Reliability
    As we already mentioned, DVDs and hard drives don't have a high reliability. The key to increasing reliability is increasing the number of copies and keeping them separated geographically. With our new setup, your files are stored on a minimum of 3 of our own hard drives in three separate locations. If a fire or flood happens at one, your photos are still backed up.

    Added on top of this is another layer. We use Amazon's S3 service which offers 99.999999999% durability. They do this by storing data in 3 separate data centers. So if something happens to one data center, your pictures are still ok.

    So now your pictures are stored in at least 6 separate locations. Which unless something happens to the entire Eastern side of the US (zombie apocalypse?), your pictures should be safe :)

    One additional layer to this, and this may change depending on if Flickr changes their terms of service, is that your pictures are backed up on Flickr as well. Not only is it backed up but we'll setup a group for you so you can share it with all your friends and even have them upload their own pictures as well.

    #2 - Accessibility
    Your pictures are available for 30 days from the time we finish editing them from any Internet accessible computer. If in the future you need the pictures recovered you can contact us and we'll copy them to our server for download. Your pictures also remain available on Flickr permanently and are accessible from both their iPhone and Android apps as well.

    #3 - Turn Around Time
    One downside to digital delivery is the long download times due to the huge number of pictures we take and high Megapixel count of our cameras (we give you the full res edited JPEGs). While this is an inconvenience, you'll be happy to know one of the benefits is that you will actually get your pictures sooner. With DVDs, we have to wait until all the pictures are edited and then burn the DVD(s) and setup a time to meet with you. For digital delivery, you let us know which pictures you'd like the quickest turn around time on and we'll work on those first. When we get those done we'll send an email for you to download the files. So you can get those great pictures up on your Facebook page sooner :) How awesome is that?

    We love blessing our clients and we believe this is just one more way to do it. We do offer additional backup besides the standard free period for affordable rates. For our most up to date pricing information contact us now.
    Our New Addition!!
    Jonah Noel Leighty You may have noticed we haven't had any new work lately. That's because of this little cutie. Born July 15th (his due date) at 2:11 AM weighing in at eight pounds five and a half ounces and 20.5 inches long.

    If you're lucky enough you'll get a chance to meet him at your consultation. If that's not enough to make you want to click contact us this second to setup a consultation, then I don't know what is :)
    Now Offering Financial Peace!
    We originally posted this on our Facebook page back in March but for those that missed it here it is:
    We are excited to announce that Leighty Photography is now offering FPU to all new incoming wedding clients! We pay, you go!

    Our goal with Leighty Photography isn't to provide photography services alone, but to Bless those around us.

    Money fights are now the #1 cause of divorce in America.

    "Fifty-seven percent of divorced couples said that financial disputes were the primary reason they did not get along" - Citibank Study

    We desire that each one of our clients have long and happy marriages, and getting rid of the #1 cause of divorce seems like a wise place to start. Both Brian and I have been through FPU and it's changed not only our financial future, but has also provided oneness in our marriage. We want to provide the same for you! Check out the video!